How to Recruit Through Us



 "The East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals' Charity started working with #TeamHerts Volunteering a year ago, at which time the charity struggled to recruit and retain volunteers. With their support, we have set up a new do-it profile and have since seen a spike in volunteer applications for a variety of roles." 


Claire Adams- East & North Herts Hospitals Charity



To help organisations with the recruitment of volunteers across Hertfordshire, we have linked-up with the national volunteering website to advertise/promote volunteering roles.


#TeamHerts Volunteering will promote your volunteering roles to thousands of people across Hertfordshire. For us to be able to do this we need you to upload your roles to and assign us as an admin. This process will allow you to promote to a wider audience and increase your reach.


You can promote your roles on the website by following our quick and easy guides:


  1. Create a profile for your organisation on the website.


  1. Link #TeamHerts Volunteering as an administrator with viewing rights 


  1. Add a volunteer role 



If your organisation is unable or does not want to manage its volunteer vacancies on, Volunteering Herts CIC are able to do this service as part of their membership package. Please see your local Volunteer Centre for more details.



How else will we promote your roles?



- Social Media – Those who have added us as an admin on will also receive promotion of their roles on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


- Events – #TeamHerts Volunteering holds volunteering events across the county. All our fairs and workshops are on our website and opportunities for stalls or speak slots are advertised on our events page and newsletter. We also attend as many public events as we can, to talk about volunteering. If you have added us as an administrator, we will also advertise/promote your roles at these events. 


- Corporate Business 

We are occasionally asked by businesses in Hertfordshire if there are volunteer opportunities for groups of staff. If your organisation would be willing to have a group of individuals volunteer please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Correspondence
Our e-newsletter goes out to over 1,500 individuals across Hertfordshire who have expressed an interest in volunteering in the county. We will feature a small number of volunteering opportunities in this e-newsletter. These will be taken from those organisations who have added us as an administrator on



To download our above information, Click HERE



Disclaimer : Please note that we ask all organisations which use #TeamHerts Volunteering for feedback. We are required by our funders to report on the number of volunteers recruited through #THV and the impact that they have. This means you will be required to answer brief questions on the progression of any volunteers which are matched with you, or that you recruit through the website, #THV event, or publication (social media and newsletter). We will be carrying out monitoring phone calls and surveys throughout the year.