#THV Voice


By Kat Shepherdson


When I speak to organisations, the one thing they always say is ‘We need volunteers, can you get us some?’ I always follow up by asking if they have a volunteer policy and role description in place. You get two answers to this question either– Yes, which comes with a proud smile or you get blank faces, following by the reasons why they don’t.

by Kat Shepherdson


The life of the volunteer officer or manager is an interesting one. At #TeamHerts Volunteer I speak to a lot of staff and their stories are all the same. They have pressures from trustees and senior levels wanting the organisations to offer more, fewer resources in staff and funding but their need from the public has increased. Then in all of that, you have the wonderful volunteers who the officer is trying to recruit more of, along with also keeping those currently involved happy and engaged.

by Jack Leggetter 


During my last year of university, I had the privilege of taking on a management research project. When deciding on a research subject, I decided to focus on creating a meaningful piece of work that can be used practically in the real world. Therefore, I focused my research on a major talking point in the charity sector, Trustee recruitment. I decided to base my research on small organisations within North and East Hertfordshire.