What is Volunteering?


Do you have time, skills or experience that you could give to a charity or organisation in Hertfordshire? Do you have a favourite hobby or passion that you would like to share with others? 


Volunteering is about giving your time to a cause you feel passionate about and in return you gain experiences and skills alongside the satisfaction of being part of something which impacts your community.


For volunteering to work you need to know what you want to achieve from the experience. This could be the opportunity to use your skills to help others. You might also have life and work experience that you could pass on to others. Alternatively your motivation might be to keep yourself busy for part of the week by helping others. Whatever it is, once you have identified it you can make sure that volunteer experience gives you it.


Other things to think about are:


Who do you want to support? - Do you have a passion or a link to charity where you feel your support would really mean something to you?


What time do you have to give? - Be realistic how much time you can give to your role. Can you give time every week on a regular basis? Or do you just want to volunteer for one-off events? 


What do you want to do? - Is there an activity you would like to take part in? Perhaps a skill or experience you want to use?


Do you have your own transport? - Make sure if you don’t have your own transport that you can get to where the volunteering is happening.



There are countless ways in which to volunteer – chances are if you have a skill or a hobby, there is a way to share your passion with others through volunteering in Hertfordshire. There are also lots of activities and types of opportunities available, from coaching a sports team to campaigning for a health charity or devoting your time to helping support local youth work.


If you want more support working out what type of volunteering you need to do, our free Introduction to Volunteering Workshop covers the basics around volunteering which will help you find the right role for you.