by Kat Shepherdson


The life of the volunteer officer or manager is an interesting one. At #TeamHerts Volunteer I speak to a lot of staff and their stories are all the same. They have pressures from trustees and senior levels wanting the organisations to offer more; fewer resources in staff and funding but their need from the public has increased. Then in all of that, you have the wonderful volunteers who the officer is trying to recruit more of, along with also keeping those currently involved happy and engaged.


It’s easy in the day to day running of the organisation to forget about best practice and just fall into bad habits, not thanking the volunteers or expecting more than was advertised because you just need that job done. It’s only when you stop and think, 'perhaps I shouldn’t have asked them to do that', or a volunteer leaves out of the blue, that you sit and think ‘oops’ and then panic hits in, as you think, actually what rights does a volunteer hold and will this come back on the organisation?


#TeamHerts Volunteering with support from HCF runs training for all those working with volunteers to support you to know what rights, or lack of them, volunteers have. Volunteering within the Law is a daylong training which covers contracts, employment law, GDPR and Health and Safety, making sure you're aware of both the law and best practice.


To find out about training sessions facilitated by #THV please check: Events for Organisations (