Rob Farrow is a long term volunteer community transport driver, he tells us about his experience volunteering and how he is supporting his local community


How long have you been a volunteer?

3 years.


Why did you decide to start volunteering?

Because I Love Driving and I Love Looking after people.


What’s good about volunteering?

It is just so rewarding and the appreciation that people give for what you do for them is priceless.



Biggest challenges you have faced as a volunteer?

None, mainly because I always do my preparation thoroughly.




Why would you recommend volunteering to others?

Simply because of the Wellbeing factors volunteering gives you.




What do your family and friends think about you volunteering?

They are very proud of me,




Is there anything you’ve been doing specifically relating to or as a result of coronavirus that you’d like to tell us about?

I Have also been doing Sandwich Deliveries in Stevenage to Elderly and vulnerable people with Stevenage football club