Tell us a bit about the team ?


We are an established Rugby League club based in Hitchin, who have two open age teams competing in the Southern Conference (the highest amateur tier of rugby league) and the Eastern Premier. We also have two junior teams, U13s and U15s, who are a credit to the club.


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How long has the club been volunteering?


Since our establishment in 2012 we have always had a keen interest in giving back to the community, we developed an ethos at North Herts Crusaders of #MoreThanAClub that has grown into its own over the recent years. This year we appointed Oli Turner as Community Engagement Officer, who has taken the clubs active volunteering role into a more official capacity. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have been completing over a request per day for the vulnerable of our community across Herts. 


Why did you guys decide to start volunteering?


With the rugby season being put on hold, we wanted to donate our time to helping the most vulnerable of our community. Whilst the disruption has been disappointing, we saw it as an opportunity to do something extremely positive and the lads at NHC have really taken to it. The work we have been doing off the pitch is some of the most important and enjoyable the club has ever done, and we are looking forward to continually supporting and extending our network.




What’s good about volunteering?


Making a positive impact on people’s lives, interacting with members of the community you wouldn’t otherwise meet and bringing the team even closer together.


What are the biggest challenges the club has faced as volunteers?


Initially, the biggest challenge was getting the word out there that we are here to help. To address this, we ran numerous social media campaigns, but also took an old-fashioned approach of delivering leaflets door to door across Herts, it was an amazing collective effort. We are very fortunate to have an amazing group of player volunteers within our club who have tackled every challenge posed.


Why would you recommend volunteering to others?


See above ‘What’s good about volunteering?’…also the sense of fulfilment you get from helping people is incredible. Volunteering for the community has really helped to open up as to what is important in life, if you a fortunate enough to be in a position to help another then please do.



What do your family and friends think about the team volunteering?


Everyone associated with NHC are extremely proud of the work that is being done, I believe we have set some great standards for what a local sports club can achieve. It was pleasing to see our work being recognised by the ‘RFL’ (the rugby league governing body) and even the likes of Russel Crowe and Johnny Vegas! We are also extremely thankful for the coverage provided by The Comet, and of course #TeamHerts Volunteering.